They turned right off the Pacific Highway and I later guessed they went into bushland somewhere near Brooklyn. They parked the car in a clearing in the middle of the bush, and continued with their salacious discourse. I was in between two men on one side and one on the other side in the back seat, and there were three men in front.

It dawned on me that I was the oysters dear in the Walrus and the Carpenter. All this talk was to get them worked up for the juice morsel in the back seat.

At this stage I said I needed to go to the toilet and they let me out. I went behind a large tree, had a wee and thought of the changes of escape. In the middle of the bush, with the car lights trained on the tree, I didn’t like my chances. I found an empty beer bottle at the base of the tree, and clutching it, returned to the car. I got in and wedged the bottle behind me in the small of my back. Quite obviously i must have intended to go down fighting.

Then something remarkable happened. I began to talk, and as I talked they listened, and at some stage I realised they had their faces pointing towards me with expressions of wonderment, like children. Eventually, they started the car and drove back to Sydney.