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Hello, I’m Pam Young.  That’s how I begin my recordings.  All this began when I enrolled in a Ph.D. in obesity at Uni. of New South Wales.   At the time I […]

Giving Up Smoking (moi) Pt. 3

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While Julia Gillard was Prime Minister plain packaging of cigarettes became law. We have been pursued mercilessly through international courts of law by Big Tobacco, infuriated by our successful attempt at […]

Giving up Smoking

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As I have already told you I gave up smoking listening to the recording I had made for someone else, just to check if it sounded O.K. At that […]

Smoking Cessation Pt. 2

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I beg your pardon, it was a 50% complete abstention rate and a 75% drop in consumption for the people who made their own hypnosis recordings. Oops! Still pretty spectacular.

As I […]

Smoking Cessation

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When I began writing posts for my Website I went back to where it all began – in the late 1970’s with my research into smoking and my subsequent book, “Personal […]

A Night to Remember (cont. v)

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Recalling the “Wind in the Willows” and “The Odyssey” I was fascinated by the Stoats and Weasels who invaded Toad Hall in Toad’s absence, and the 108 Suitors who pursued Penelope […]

A Night to Remember (cont. iv)

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Yes indeed, what words came out that had such a magical effect? Something apt from “The Merchant of Venice”? I can’t quite see them being inspired by Shylock’s speech […]

A Night to Remember (cont. iii)

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They were very respectful and apologetic, returning my handbag, which they had purloined.

They gave me the impression that Robbie had assured them I would be a willing participant in their plans. […]

A Night to Remember (cont.)

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They turned right off the Pacific Highway and I later guessed they went into bushland somewhere near Brooklyn. They parked the car in a clearing in the middle of the […]

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