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Hello, I’m Pam Young.  That’s how I begin my recordings.  All this began when I enrolled in a Ph.D. in obesity at Uni. of New South Wales.   At the time I […]

Giving Up Smoking (moi) Pt. 3

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As I have frequently mentioned, giving up cigarette smoking is a very challenging task. You will have a much greater chance of success if you use my script, alter it to suit yourself, and record it in your own voice.

Giving up Smoking

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As I have already told you I gave up smoking listening to the recording I had made for someone else, just to check if it sounded O.K. At that […]

Smoking Cessation Pt. 2

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I beg your pardon, it was a 50% complete abstention rate and a 75% drop in consumption for the people who made their own hypnosis recordings. Oops! Still pretty spectacular.

As I […]

Smoking Cessation

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When I began writing posts for my Website I went back to where it all began – in the late 1970’s with my research into smoking and my subsequent book, “Personal […]

A Night to Remember (cont. v)

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Recalling the “Wind in the Willows” and “The Odyssey” I was fascinated by the Stoats and Weasels who invaded Toad Hall in Toad’s absence, and the 108 Suitors who pursued Penelope […]

A Night to Remember (cont. iv)

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Yes indeed, what words came out that had such a magical effect? Something apt from “The Merchant of Venice”? I can’t quite see them being inspired by Shylock’s speech […]

A Night to Remember (cont. iii)

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They were very respectful and apologetic, returning my handbag, which they had purloined.

They gave me the impression that Robbie had assured them I would be a willing participant in their plans. […]

A Night to Remember (cont.)

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They turned right off the Pacific Highway and I later guessed they went into bushland somewhere near Brooklyn. They parked the car in a clearing in the middle of the […]

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