Stanley Ashmore-Smith was the Assistant Registrar at U.T.,S. and was affronted by the rather sleazy affaire another senior member of staff was having with one of his subordinates. Stan seemed to take it personally because of the immorality (the man was married with children) but mainly because of the conflict of interest and consequent unfairness.

A rather unpleasant woman was rising in seniority very rapidly and riding roughshod over those under her auspices. She was grossly inefficient and in order to disguise that fact she had her staff do her work for her.

When a highly functional member of her staff tried to escape by applying for other positions, this woman was extremely derogatory in the references she provided – always late, untrustworthy, lazy (a perfect example of projection). Fortunately, in her application for a position in Student Services, justice prevailed because someone whispered the truth. And she proved to be a gem.

U.T.,S frequently appointed artists-in-residence although they resided elsewhere because there was no accommodation on the premises. Stanley appointed two New Guinea artists, and they did reside or rather camp, on the premises. They came from the Highlands and, being much overwhelmed by Sydney, they rarely left the main tower block (More next time)