Giving Up Smoking (moi) Pt. 3

As I have frequently mentioned, giving up cigarette smoking is a very challenging task. You will have a much greater chance of success if you use my script, alter it to suit yourself, and record it in your own voice.

Giving up Smoking (moi) Pt. 2

When I took up smoking again after Dad's stroke and death (I was 45) I continued to smoke for another 7 years. I had a wonderful bloke. He was the sort of person who didn't try to change me so he said nothing about me smoking. I knew he hated it though. He died of [...]

Giving up Smoking

As I have already told you I gave up smoking listening to the recording I had made for someone else, just to check if it sounded O.K. At that time I was smoking more than 20 a day, more on a party day. At the age of 17 I was smoking black and gold or [...]

Smoking Cessation Pt. 2

I beg your pardon, it was a 50% complete abstention rate and a 75% drop in consumption for the people who made their own hypnosis recordings. Oops! Still pretty spectacular. As I said, motivation to give up smoking had been found to be the most important factor in most studies. In mine motivation didn't [...]

Smoking Cessation

When I began writing posts for my Website I went back to where it all began - in the late 1970's with my research into smoking and my subsequent book, "Personal Change Through Self Hypnosis". . As a Student and Staff Counsellor at University of Technology, Sydney, I made frequent use of hypnosis as [...]

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