I continued working at U.T.,S for 26 years, then worked for an employee assistance program for 16 years and began a parallel private practice in 2005, all the while using hypnosis as my main psychological technique. For your sake I should mentioned E.M.D.R., the second string to my bow. If you have suffered from trauma you should consult a trained E.M.D.R. practitioner. Post-traumatic stress is one of the few conditions time doesn’t heal. In fact, it usually gets worse over time.

You can read in my web Foreword how I began refreshing the book and constructing hypnosis recordings and printed scripts for you – yes, you – to make your own hypnosis recordings. And of my exciting time in 2016 at the Congres de Paris for the 20th International Congress of Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine: I attended every seminar possible and carefully read the 250+ Congress abstracts to see whether the book I had written over 30 years’ ago still held water.

From now on I propose to randomly select stories from my ANECDOTES AND APOCRYPHA. I have been collecting yarns from my work as a psychologist, from my youth, from things that happened, from my 15 years with Bill Peach, from other relationships, and all kinds of places. Some are funny, some are sad, some will probably make your hair stand on end.

They will not be in any particular order, just as the mood takes me. Needless to say, Anecdotes are the ones that reflect well on me.

My next post will be the real “how it all began”. I call it “A Night to Remember” but it could also be “Scheherazade Lives Again”.