Giving Up Smoking (moi) Pt. 3

While Julia Gillard was Prime Minister plain packaging of cigarettes became law. We have been pursued mercilessly through international courts of law by Big Tobacco, infuriated by our successful attempt at reducing their obscene profits on what are actually poisons and killers. And won every time. When most free trade agreements are enacted there is [...]

Giving up Smoking (moi) Pt. 2

When I took up smoking again after Dad's stroke and death (I was 45) I continued to smoke for another 7 years. I had a wonderful bloke. He was the sort of person who didn't try to change me so he said nothing about me smoking. I knew he hated it though. He died of [...]

Giving up Smoking

As I have already told you I gave up smoking listening to the recording I had made for someone else, just to check if it sounded O.K. At that time I was smoking more than 20 a day, more on a party day. At the age of 17 I was smoking black and gold or [...]

Smoking Cessation Pt. 2

I beg your pardon, it was a 50% complete abstention rate and a 75% drop in consumption for the people who made their own hypnosis recordings. Oops! Still pretty spectacular. As I said, motivation to give up smoking had been found to be the most important factor in most studies. In mine motivation didn't [...]

Smoking Cessation

When I began writing posts for my Website I went back to where it all began - in the late 1970's with my research into smoking and my subsequent book, "Personal Change Through Self Hypnosis". . As a Student and Staff Counsellor at University of Technology, Sydney, I made frequent use of hypnosis as [...]

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